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Wedding Time Table
by Rev. Alexander Baker 

 6-12 Months Before the Wedding:

- Set your wedding date.

- Decide how much can be spent, whether it will be formal or informal; small or large; where it will be held and at what time; the number of guests to invite.

- Set up a meeting with Wedding Planner or Coordinators to discuss your wedding details.

- Decide where the ceremony will be held.  With your fiancé, decide who will officiate your wedding and what kind of ceremony you want.

- Make preliminary arrangements for the reception – menus, liquor, caterers, musicians, photographer, videographer, florist, ice sculptures.

- Choose maid or matron of honor, best man, ushers and if you plan to have them, flower girl and ring bearer.

- Draw up invitation lists.

- Register with Bridal Consultant at your favorite store.  Select china, silver and crystal patterns.

- Select wedding dress, veil, shoes and accessories.

- Choose attendants’ dresses and headpieces.

-  Decide how the ushers will be dressed.

- Consult travel agent for ideas about honeymoon plans.  If you are planning to go abroad, make sure passport is in order.

- Pick out wedding rings.

 3 Months Before:

- Order your invitations, stationary, thank you cards.

- Complete guest list.

- Make reservations for honeymoon transportation and accommodations.

- Discuss wedding plans with attendants, caterers, florist, musicians, photographer, videographer.

- Choose cake cutter, wedding glasses, purse, cake topper, guest book with pen.

- Choose wedding favors.

- Plan for a rehearsal dinner.  Decide on a restaurant and notify wedding party of time and date.

2 Months Before:

Address wedding invitations.  Mail them 6 weeks before the wedding.

Arrange for limousine to transport wedding party to ceremony and reception.

Arrange for a limousine, carriage, etc to take you and your fiancé to the ceremony and reception.

- Choose gifts for your attendants.

-  Make final plans for music, menu, decorations for reception.

-  Choose flowers for ceremony and reception.

-  Choose decorations for reception.

-  Contact ceremony location to discuss a rehearsal time and day.

 1 Month Before:

- Finalize wedding ceremony with officiant.

-  Apply for marriage license.  Some states have waiting periods, blood tests, etc, so check with your state for the laws.

-  Arrange for final fitting of bridal gown and bridesmaids’ gowns.

-  Have your hair styled the way you plan to wear it for your wedding.  Be sure it goes well with the headpiece.

-  Arrange to have make-up and nails done.

-  Have wedding portrait taken.

-  Buy each other’s wedding gifts.

Start to write thank you notes for gifts as they arrive.

-  Order wedding cake.

-  Arrange for accommodations for out-of-town guests.

-  Arrange for rehearsal dinner.

-  Purchase Unity Candles and other ceremony items.

-  Finalize seating chart.

- Choose music for ceremony and reception.

 2 Weeks Before:

-  Make out final payment checks for vendors and place them in envelopes.  Have  your maid/matron of honor or best man hand them out the day of the wedding.  You will be too busy to handle it yourself!

-  Pick up wedding rings.

-  Final dress fitting.

-  Arrange for someone to take gifts home.

-  Pack for honeymoon.

Make sure best man knows his speech.

 1-2 Days Before:

-  Rehearse your ceremony at your ceremony location.  If your location does not allow a rehearsal, then gather your wedding party at your house or convenient location to go over the entrance and exit order, etc.

-  Enjoy your rehearsal dinner with family and wedding party.

-  Relax and get a good night sleep!!!

 Things to Remember on Day of Wedding:

-  Dress, veil, shoes, extra stockings, something old, new, borrowed, blue. Bring veil  to hairdressers.

-  Unity Candle and lighter.

-  Bouquet/Boutonnière.

-  Wedding rings.

-  Marriage License.

-  Purse, lipstick, safety pins, hair pins, hair spray.

-  Checks for vendors.

-  Garter.

-   Tissues


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- Pastor - New Jersey Wedding Officiant - Presiding over New Jersey Wedding Ceremonies
*Please note that New Jersey no longer has a "Justice of the Peace" position.  The position was eliminated many years ago.

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