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My Services and Information

Locations That I Performed Ceremonies:

I will perform your wedding ceremony wherever you wish in Northern New Jersey and parts of Central New Jersey. (Bergen County, Essex County, Hudson County, Middlesex County, Monmouth County, Morris County, Passaic County, Somerset County, Sussex County, Union County, and Warren County).  I have performed wedding ceremonies in Traditional Wedding Locations such as Banquet Halls, Restaurants, Hotels, Chapels, Golf Courses as well as some Unique Locations like Parks, Boats, Private Homes, Beaches, and even Roller Coasters in Theme Parks.  I can also perform your small ceremony in my own home for a reduced fee.

Length of Time For a Ceremony:

Most ceremonies last approximately 15-30 minutes but the length depends on what you want in your ceremony.  I do not have any restrictions on ceremony length. Your ceremony can be as long or as short as you would like it to be.   If you have Readings with multiple Readers, Poems, a Unity Candle, and a Rose Ceremony, then your ceremony will be longer. Many reception halls and restaurants will allow 30 minutes for a ceremony.  Please keep in mind that the Processional (entrance) and Recessional (exit) are considered part of the ceremony and will need to fall within the 30 minutes.

Booking Me To Perform Your Wedding Ceremony:

Call or email me to check my availability and to book my services.  If I am available to perform your ceremony, I will email you a contract that specifies your ceremony date, location, start time, end time and amount due for your ceremony.  I require a deposit of $100.00 to hold your date.  I accept cash and credit cards via  The balance of your payment is due in cash on the day of the ceremony. 


Whether or not you wish to meet with me prior to your ceremony is up to you.  If you do wish to meet, we can schedule a meeting whenever you are available.  I conduct meetings in my home in Randolph.  If you do not wish to meet, we can communicate via email and phone.  I can arrive early, if needed, to discuss any last minute details.

Creating Your Ceremony

If you are interested in my services, I will email you a log in with a username and password to access my online resource section so that you can view all of my sample wedding ceremonies.  You can also read through samples of custom ceremonies and vows that I have created.  Share your ideas and stories with my to create your unique ceremony or choose a sample ceremony and personalize it.  You can add as may poems, readings, etc. as you wish.  You can always involve family members by asking them to participate in Unity Candle ceremonies, Rose Ceremonies or Sand Ceremonies. I am also open to adding different religious or cultural elements to the ceremony.  I'm very flexible when it comes to creating your ceremony - after all, it's your day!

Explanation of a Unity Candle Ceremony:

A Unity Candle consists of one large pedestal candle that sits in between two smaller taper candles.  During the ceremony the mothers of the Bride and Groom, or any other loved ones, will light the two taper candles signifying your current family.  You and your fiancé will take the taper candles and light the pedestal candle together, signifying your new family.  You can either blow out the tapers or leave them lighted.  The ceremony can have a religious or non-religious meaning.  There are different meanings for the Unity Candles.

Explanation of a Rose Ceremony:

A Rose Ceremony is an older tradition where the Bride and Groom, after taking their vows, exchange a single red rose to each other.  It symbolizes their first gift to each other as husband and wife as well as an expression of their love for one another.  A section can be added to include the mothers or other relatives as well. 

Explanation of a Sand Ceremony:

A Sand Ceremony is a Hawaiian Tradition that can be used in place of a Unity Candle, especially in beach weddings or outdoor weddings.  It holds a similar meaning as the Unity Candle.  Two small containers of sand are combined into one large container by the Bride and Groom, unifying the two. 

Arrival Time

I will arrive approximately 15-30 minutes prior to the start of the ceremony. 

Reverend, Judge or a Justice of the Peace:

As a Reverend and a New Jersey Wedding Officiant, I am more flexible about where and when I will perform ceremonies, as well as the types of ceremonies I can perform.  My ceremonies are very personal and customizable.  I will work with you and perform the ceremony you want.

Many judges will perform very simple civil ceremonies only in the courthouse on business days during business hours.  It may be difficult to work around their schedule.  Most judges will not perform religious ceremonies.  You will need a priest, reverend, minister or rabbi to perform a religious ceremony.

New Jersey no longer has a Justice of the Peace.  The position was eliminated a number of years ago.  Some other states still have this position.   


Pre-Cana is a series of classes required by the Catholic Church that an engaged couple must attend before getting married in the Catholic Church.  You only need Pre-Cana if you are getting married within the Catholic Church by a priest. I do not require Pre-Cana or premarital counseling.

Civil Union for Same Sex Partners:

New Jersey has passed a Civil Union law that allows Same Sex Partners to have the same rights and benefits, within the State of New Jersey, as those who enter into marriage. You can obtain a civil union license with the registrar in either partner's hometown.  I can perform a legal ceremony and file the paperwork with the state. 
Civil Union License


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*Please note that New Jersey no longer has a "Justice of the Peace" position.  The position was eliminated many years ago.

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